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Saturday, 17th March 2012


Tepung Banyu Sedulur, Nandur Wiji Karahayon
(bring water of brotherhood, plant the seeds of peace, sow the seeds of life)

CROSS-RELIGIOUS TREE PLANTING MOVEMENT voiced" the importance of the human race in animating the spirit of tree planting pioneered by religious leaders, as community role models.

Tree planting movement, which was also a "planting of care" for peace and religious harmony, was expected to be the "runway kitchen" and the paragon for the Indonesian people to plant trees as well as sow the seeds of peace and harmony in every human heart.

Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X conducted a tree planting ceremony "Taruparwa Cultural Practice" along with six religious leaders. This tree planting was a symbol of the growth of cultural values, inter-religious harmony, and the greening movement.

Taruparwa cultural practice was initiated by the Calvin Go Green Foundation and Communication Forum of Religious People (FKUB) in Special Region of Yogyakarta. The activities took place in the Banyumili Restaurant, Kwarasan, Gamping, Sleman on Saturday, March 17, 2012.

The tree became a symbol of harmony because it contains the philosophy as a source of life and peace. Not just planting trees, but the more important thing is planting a care. If this spirit can be spread all over Indonesia, then the harmony will be created.

The activitiy that was attended by hundreds of religious and community leaders was focused on Banyumili Country Club Complex (BanyuMili Restaurant in Yogyakarta) which was livened by several events, including gejok lesung, a trip to 7 cisterns, darts event to bondan dance performances. Chairman of the committee, Lilik, added, that the event began with welcoming guests accompanied with the art event of gejok lesung, guests headed to 7 cisterns taken from 7 tuks (source of water). Interestingly, in addition to traditional Javanese packed procession, as master of ceremonies, it was performed by four puppeteers who will guide the trip of event.

Self-Cleansing Before Entering The Area.

Participants were greeted by a row of art Gejog Lesung, on the way in (15m long) to Cisterns (self-cleansing symbol). The participants were required to cleanse themselves by washing their hands with water provided in the jugs. Number of cisterns (Jugs) were provided as much as 7, which were a symbol of help (always get help from GOD THE ALMIGHTY).

After cleaning up, participants are welcome to sit in the space provided (huts, tents, and chairs). While waiting for other participants to enter the core event.

After self-cleaning, the participants might be seated in a place that had been provided (huts, tents, and chairs). While waiting for other participants to enter the next event. Participants who arrived on time were greeted with Rinding (a traditional musical instrument derived from Wonosari which is almost extinct) and Dewi Sri dance. Puppeteers (organizers) lead the participants into the core of a tree planting event. Incoming event was interspersed with Uli Pari (an ancient Javanese art).

Puppeteer (organizers) lead into the core of a tree planting event. Incoming events interspersed with Uli Pari (an ancient Javanese art). Participants came to the island berarakan manah Snail in the valley, accompanied by a procession that begins by Mariah Dancers, carrier line 7 jug of spring water (Tirta pitu] derived from the 7 Spring spring Widodaren, Kadewatan Spring, poor Spring, Spring Nirmala , Spring Banyu Urip, Nogotirto Spring, and Spring Jumprit, lane X, Police Chief DIY, characters of Religion, and his entourage Dayakan art (from the slopes of Merapi) and the community.

Participants go in a procession to the Ziput Island in the dart valley, accompanied by a procession that began by Bondan Dancers, then followed by lines carrying the Jugs from 7 fountains (tirta pitu) derived from the 7 Springs, Widodaren spring, Kadewatan Spring, Kasihan Spring, Nirmala Spring, Banyu Urip Spring, Nogotirto Spring, and Jumprit Spring; Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X; Police Chief in Special Region of Yogyakarta; religious leaders; and the entourage of Dayakan arts (from the slopes of Merapi); and the community. At the same time, in the midst of the journey to the tree planting area, Betara Kala which is a symbol of the wrath came wearing getek (bamboo raft) from Tembayat Lake to disrupt the event of planting the seed of welfare (taruparwa). However, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X who titled Senopati Ing a Laga (Warlord) shot Betara Kala with fire arrow until he was burn out.

After arriving in the area of planting, 7 jugs from different springs were aggregated together into a bowl by the clergies (tepung banyu sedulur) as a symbol of unity and togetherness bond / brotherhood. It was followed by praying. After praying was completed, the dancers performed Bondan Dance, and then it continued with the planting of 7 trees, i.e. Kepel (the symbol of unity), Sapodilla kecik (symbol of Virtue), Banyan (the symbol of the origin), Gayam, Putat, White Sandalwood, and Medlar, which was done by Sri Sultan HB X, religious leaders and administrators of Calvin Go Green foundation.

There were seven trees they planted, three of which are the banyan tree, Kepel, and sapodilla kecik. Those seven trees represented the six religions in Indonesia: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism as well as a tree for the religious cult.

Sri Sultan HB X planted one tree and six other trees were planted by the representatives of each religion. Trees planting were indeed initiated from the harmony of Yogyakarta and soon spreads to other cities in Indonesia such as Solo and other cities.

Not only as a symbol of harmony, tree planting is also a movement of green. The reason is there are still a lot of deforestation in Indonesia which cause environmental degradation and ecosystem.

Subsequently, stocking of fishes were done in Tembayat Lake.
Stocking of fishes as a symbol of life together, in the same pond all religions can live side by side and create shared growth.

After completion of planting procession agenda, participants were allowed back into their seat. The event was followed by the party after planting event. It was initiated and delivered by a chorus of TNI-POLRI and STIE YKPN Students singing Go Green, Green Your Land created by Calvin Christian Yulianto.

The agenda continued with the speech by the Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta, and were followed by cultural arts of Dayak Grasakan and Reog (symbolizing the soldiers' warrior returning to the battlefield).

The Signing of Inscription

The signing of the inscription was done by Sri Sultan HB X and the clergies, as a collective agreement, which is based on sincerity for peaceful coexistence, plants seeds of peace, which means also an effort to preserve the environment.

Taking photos together, Sri Sultan HB X along with religious leaders and administrators of Yogyakarta Calvin Go Green Foundation.

The event closed with the Go Green Declaration by religious figures, Banyumili declaration as monuments of Biological and Conservation Areas by the Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta, followed by a warm-hearted (lunch) at Banyumili Restaurant in Yogyakarta.

The event was held in support of Mr. Ir. Ziput Lokasari and Mrs. Veronica Lindayati as the owner of Banyumili Country Club (Banyumili Restaurant in Yogyakarta) who had given up his land for a biological monument having nuances of the religious peace and harmony in order to confirm the Yogya as a city of tolerance, and with the support of Mr. GBPH Prabukusumo, Mr. GBPH Joyokusumo (younger brother of Sri Sultan HB X), Mr. Jimmy Oentoro, Mr. Lt. Col. Agus Tri Suyanto (TNI), Mr. Agus Handoko, Mr. Sam Sianata Calvin's father, and Mr. Agus Suprianto, in the CALVIN GO GREEN FOUNDATION ... (to the website

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